Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I Love

It's Friday of a 3-day weekend, what more can you love than that!?  I'm looking forward to enjoying this long weekend with my family and my in-laws that are here visiting as well.  I hope everyone can have a relaxing weekend and take time to just enjoy.  Rebel against the fast-paced, experience-based society and just be with your family - love the people around you.

I'm grateful for time like that this weekend.  Stress-free, schedule-free....deep feels good.  I'm grateful that my son and husband "hid" under the blankets and pillows for at least 20 minutes tonight in the living room.  I'm grateful that my son is pretending to make us all ice cream cones complete with sound effects and all. I'm grateful to hear my daughter laugh so hard that she can barely stand up.  Awww...this is sweet!


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