Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm slowly entering back into the real world after having been gone from home and visiting my parents and a couple of my siblings and their families.  I actually have been back for 5 days already, but I'm just now finding time (and the sanity) to sit down and write.  I have been working on a couple of things I'd like to show you.  One of a cute little something that you bake (MMmmm!) that I'll link to the original and the other I created for all my nephews - I'm even planning to do a tutorial on first one!

But for now, I wanted to point out that I have a new button that I created from scratch (whoo hoo!).  So, "grab my button" and come back soon!

And since posts are better with pictures, here's what my little man did quite a bit the week we were gone.  He asked to hold my nephew all the time and would sit there for a LONG time!

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  1. It was great finally meeting you in person! :)